In the age of internet comparison sites & bargain hunters, we are used to searching for the cheapest deal believing that to be the best. Who wants to pay more then they have to for something right? In a lot of cases getting something for as cheap as you can is a bargain but in some cases cheap isn’t always best. When looking for someone to deliver your leaflets if you go with the cheapest quote, are you really getting the service that you’ve paid for?


What prices might you be quoted when looking for a leaflet distribution business?

When calling around for quotes you will find that you will get a variety of prices from £20 per 1000 to £90 per 1000 or more. You would be right in thinking that’s a big difference in price. There are a number of reasons that you would be quoted such a variety of prices. Areas you want your leaflets to be delivered to, if your leaflets are delivered on there own or with others, the size & weight or your flyers, whether the business pays there staff correctly, whether all of your leaflets will be delivered & whether your leaflets will be delivered at all. Let’s look at these in more detail.


Prices will depend on the area where you would like your leaflets delivered to. Prices are usually based on the time it takes to deliver 1000 in that area. So terraced will be the cheapest and small villages the most expensive. Our prices start with terraced in Lincoln (where we’re based) taking an average of 3 hours to deliver 1000. Then semi detached normal city housing in Lincoln, taking an average 5-6 hours to deliver 1000. Then villages surrounding Lincoln, taking an average of 8 hours to deliver 1000. Small villages we charge per village as there very time-consuming & can take most of the day to cover 200-300 properties. Then areas 1 hour or more away from us as we have to take the traveling time into account to. So when you get a quote check that the price aligns with the type of area you want them delivered to. How does £20 for a job that will take 6 hours to complete sound?

Solus or Shared

A solus drop is your leaflet delivered on its own, a shared drop is your leaflet delivered with others. A solus drop will be the most expensive as the business you choose needs to cover there costs just from your leaflet. A shared drop will be cheaper as the business can spread their costs between you and the others that are having their leaflets delivered with yours. When booking a solus drop check that solus is yours totally on its own, some businesses will quote a ‘good’ price for a solus drop because they actually deliver them as part of a shared drop. When booking a shared drop ask how many leaflets will be shared with yours. Having your leaflet delivered with 1-2 others is ok but do you really want your leaflet delivered with 5-6 others? Also when booking a shared drop ask if it’s going out with a newspaper or magazine. Some business will quote a really low price because your flyer will be put inside another publication.

The Size & weight of your flyer

The price your quoted should change due to the size and weight of your flyer. The bigger & heavier your flyers are the less a distributor can take out with them and the slower they will be able to deliver. This will increase the time taken to complete your job hence should increase the price too. Even if the distributor takes a trolly there is still only a certain amount able to fit in the trolly & a certain weight the distributor is able to pull. Some businesses will give you a ‘good price for big heavy flyers because they have no intention of delivering them all.


This is the most common way a distribution business is able to charge lower prices. Delivering leaflets for the same business (i.e the distribution business) without advertising for more work makes you an employee. A lot of distribution businesses have their employees down as self-employed, this allows them to be able to pay low. Or they will have their staff down as self-employed but pay them less than minimum wage. Now you may be thinking how does this affect my leaflets going out? Well, how reliable do you think a distributor will be knowing that there walking 6 hours a day in boiling heat or freezing cold & not even being paid minimum wage? Terraced areas should be paid at £23.40, semi-detached city areas should be paid at £46.80 & villages should be paid at £62.40. If they’re charging less then that for a solus drop then how are they paying there staff?

Property counts. 

Another way some business are able to charge such a low price is to 0ver estimating property counts. This is where they will tell you there are 6000 properties in an area there are only 3000. They can then give you a low price of £30 per 1000. But they will only pay to deliver 3000 properties so really there getting £60 per 1000 but you have paid to have 6000 printed when you only needed 3000.

So when getting quotes for a leaflet drop check:

  • That the price allows them to pay at least minimum wage.
  • That its solus or shared – if shared how many will it be shared with.
  • Will it be delivered inside another publication.
  • Ask more than one business for property counts so you can compare.

What do you get by paying more? 

So I have explained what can happen if you don’t pay enough but what about if you pay more?

You will get GPS proof of delivery – only a business that is delivering your leaflets correctly will offer this.                      You will get your leaflets delivered by reliable staff – they will be paid correctly & therefore be willing to do a good job & most importantly you will get RESULTS.