We’ve bitten the bullet & changed our domain name to our actual business name. We didn’t take this decision lightly & have clung onto the previous url for a long time. We’ve had the domain name for 7 years & it has served us well but it’s time to move on.

The main reason being was that it no longer suited our business.

We don’t just provide leaflet distribution in Lincoln, we regularly cover areas on the Lincolnshire coast & generally we’re all over Lincolnshire delivering leaflets so our domain name having the name “Lincoln” in it was a bit of an issue.

Having “leaflet distribution” in the domain name no longer fitted the business either as we offer much more than this now, for example, we have our own production printing press & finishing equipment & we’re regularly providing print to a growing range of businesses.

Our expanding list of services & the areas which we operate in & deliver to had changed over the years & so our website needed updating also.

We’ll be updating our blog on a regular basis with our thoughts from inside the industry & also adding resources to help anyone reading & interested in leaflet advertising to figure out what works, what to look out for & we may announce the odd special offer now & then :)

Until our next update, keep visiting www.nextleveladvertisingsolutions.co.uk & feel free to contact us about any of the great new services we’re offering!

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