We often have people getting in touch with us wanting to book a leaflet campaign but not knowing where they should start. Here are 5 steps to booking a leaflet drop.

What results do you want from your leaflet drop?

The first step in arranging a leaflet campaign is too what you want to say & what results you want to gain. Leaflets are a great way to get a variety of messages across. Are you wanting to announce an opening, an event or do you have a sale on? Are you wanted to raise brand awareness, sell tickets or make sales? These are things you need to have clear right from the start.

Designing the perfect leaflet for your campaign 

The design of your leaflet is one of the most important parts of a leaflet campaign. The design will influence the results you get. There are 6 things to remember when designing a leaflet:

  1. Size – When designing a leaflet design it to the size that you want it printed. If the design needs to be resized to print this can affect the layout & the image quality, also most printers don’t offer any design work & those that do will charge. Remember the bigger you leaflet is the more expensive it will be to print and deliver.
  2. Space – The layout of the leaflet is crucial. Less is definitely more. No one wants to read through lines & lines of text but at the same time, it’s important you just focus on one corner or the middle and leave to much empty space.
  3. Images – Images are a great way to make your leaflet eyecatching & give it colour. There also good to use if you have a lot to say but don’t want to add too much text to your leaflet, as they say, a picture speaks 1000 words. When choosing images to use make sure that you have permission to use & make sure they’re clear. No image is better than a blurry image. Vector images & PNG are the best formats to use.
  4. Contact Details – A leaflet is pretty useless if there is no way to contact you on it. Phone number, email, address maybe even a map. Make sure they’re clear & easy to see.
  5. Call to Action – Tell the reader what you want them to do next with phrases such as ‘Call Now’ ‘Email us at’ or ‘Visit’

This being said if you are running your own business the chances are you don’t have the time to sit & design a well thought out leaflet, this can delay or even stop your leaflet campaign. Get together the text, pictures & logo you would like to use & send them to a professional designer to the job for you.

Choosing the areas you would like your leaflets delivered to

So now you know what results you want to get from your leaflet campaign & you have the design for your leaflet, the next thing is to decide the areas you would like your leaflet delivered to. Th9is may be to address within a certain distance from your shop, a particular area of town or an area with a certain style of house i.e terraced or detached. Knowing your target audience & where your previous customers come from comes in handy when choosing your area.

Deciding on the distribution company to use

You may be wondering why I would tell you to choose your distributor before you have your leaflets printed, it’s simple your distributor should be able to tell you the number of properties that are in the area you wish to target. This will then allow you to print the amount you need, saving you money.

Now you have everything you need to choose who will be delivering your leaflets What results you want, the size your leaflet will be, the area you would like your leaflet delivered to. It’s also handy to know when you would like your leaflets delivered.

So now how do you choose?  There are some things to look for when choosing your distribution company

  • Do they offer GPS tracking? – check the social media to see if they have any pictures of GPS. Some businesses say they use it when they don’t.
  • Do they have any reviews? – Reviews can say a lot about a business.
  • Do they provide property counts? – Any company that has covered an area a few times should be able to tell you how many properties are in that area.
  • Price – Although saving money is great cheap isn’t always better. It takes an average of 6 hours to deliver 1000 leaflets to a city area and 8 hours to a village, the minimum wage is £7.83. So make sure they’re charging you enough to pay minimum wage. If they can’t pay minimum wage then the chances are your leaflets aren’t getting delivered.

Now you just need to contact your chosen distributor and book in your job.


Now everything is in place and you have your leaflet drop booked in you can order your leaflets to be printed.  Dont get tricked into having extra thick leaflets with a fancy finish, this will not add to your campaign but will add to your costs. The most common sizes to have delivered are A6(postcard size) or A5 (half an A4). The most common thickness for distribution is 150-170gsm. If you are only printing the amount you are having delivered then why not have them sent straight to the distribution business? This will save you or them having to make a drop off/collection trip.