Shared Distribution

About Shared Leaflet Distribution

*Please note: shared distribution is sometimes unavailable, call 01522 262705 to check availability*

Shared Distribution is where your promotional material is delivered with another non competing leaflet at the same time. It is a popular service amongst businesses on a tighter budget because the costs of distribution are shared between 2 businesses. We only offer shared distribution when it is arranged by the client as due to the nature of this service, it is difficult to find businesses who are suited to the same distribution area. Shared distribution is usually slightly less effective because you're competing against the message of another business. 

What are the benefits for you?

The benefits of leaflet advertising with shared distribution are purely cost based, it is a cheaper way to get your message across to potential customers, however as it's delivered with another leaflet it can prove less effective. The service also offers less flexibility for your business as another suited to the same delivery areas at the same time is required. As this service requires 2 clients shared distribution is sometimes unavailable.

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