National Leaflet Distribution Companies vs Local Companies.

We often get emails from national leaflet distribution companies, but the problem is they’re never asking for quotes, they’ll always give you a vague postcode which covers both terraced properties & rural villages & they’ll always tell you how much they’ll pay for the job per 1000.

Why can’t we deliver for them?

As we know all of Lincolnshire well & have covered pretty much everywhere we have to say something along the lines of:

“Hi, Thanks for your email. As we know this postcode well, we estimate that we’d be earning about £3 an hour to cover the areas you mentioned at the prices you’re offering so sadly we can’t help you on this project”

The way most of the national companies operate is that they tout for business with no knowledge of the area & then try to find someone who readily accepts the job because they don’t know how hard the area is to cover.

Even if a national company has exact property counts, they have no idea how long the driveways are like a local company which has covered the area many times does.

If you’re dealing with a national company they’re usually reliant on someone else doing the job on their behalf & have little local knowledge so my advice is this, find a company that is locally based, experienced & GPS tracked & if they use any of the planning software like GEOplan you’ll usually be off to a flying start with your leaflet campaign.