Infill Distribution

About Infill Leaflet Distribution

If your business is a regular user of leaflet advertising across Lincolnshire & your leaflets are not time or geographically sensitive, then infill delivery offers a cost effective way to meet your promotional needs. With our infill distribution service we will hold a stock of your leaflets & use them to fill spare capacity. Your leaflets will be delivered either to make up a shared drop, to fill a space while we wait for a delivery or to make up numbers on smaller drops.

Infill service is ideal for people wanting to do regular leaflet deliveries over a longer period of time.

Large amount of leaflets in boxes

What are the benefits for you?

Infill distribution is a lower priced distribution service because it offers us flexibility, we offer a lower price in return. Your advertising material will not be delivered to any unsuitable areas for example we would not advertise lawn care in areas that are predominently terraced properties or blocks of flats. Infill distribution frees up your time & gives you a peice of mind. You can give us a supply of leaflet & know that your leaflets will be going out throughout the month/s/year without any further imput from yourself.

  • A lower cost distribution service
  • Reach potential customers in areas suited to your business
  •  No other flyers competing with your message
  • Service is still GPS tracked so you can monitor results