Proof of Delivery

GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution

We were the first in Lincolnshire to invest in GPS tracking technology as not only a way of proving delivery to clients but as a way of maintaining high standards among our employees. Our GPS tracking records exactly which route has been taken whilst delivering leaflets to all of the properties within your selected areas. This is done to build trust between the customer & ourselves as we can show you the exact route taken. Once a delivery is complete we compile the GPS data & send this to the customer.

GPS Tracking & Proof of Delivery

We've found that GPS tracking is by far the best way to monitor & ensure that every leaflet is delivered to the right place at the right time. We believe that GPS tracking should be standard in the leaflet distribution industry as it is the only way of making sure that we are getting the best from our distributors and that you are getting the service your business deserves.

Our experience in the door to door distribution industry over the past 6 years gives us advantages & we use a number of security measures to ensure staff are delivering the leaflets & work is being carried out effectively.

  • GPS Tracking - This allows us to see where our distributors have been during the day & shows the routes taken.
  • Experience - Our director Karl Anders has been delivering leaflets full-time for almost 6 years all over Lincolnshire. Using his personal experience we know the areas well & on average how long they should take to cover.
  • Property Count Software - Knowing how many properties are in an area means we know exactly how many leaflets our distributor should be bringing back at the end of the day.
  • Monitoring Delivery Time - It should take on average between 6+ hours to deliver 1000 leaflets in a built up area like Lincoln. If we were in a situation where the GPS tracking showed only 3 hours work was carried out but 1000 had been delivered it'd be obvious something was wrong.
  • Professional Staff - When taking on employees, we don't just hand them a pile of your leaflets & say "off you go!", we interview employees at our offices in Lincoln in order to ensure we get the right people for the job. We then give them an induction day to explain the job in detail & then train them on the job.
  • Fairly Paid Staff - As the old saying goes, If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. We take staff on as employees rather than treating people as self employed & that's why our staff have been with us for a long time, because they know that if they do the job correctly they'll get paid a decent wage.