We all know the popular online food ordering & delivery service Just Eat, many of us have probably used them. It is a great service for the customer, all the local takeaways at their fingertips with a quick & easy way to order. They don’t even have to pick up the phone. However, what does a service like this mean for the takeaways that use it, those that don’t & what does it mean for the delivery of menus?

In return for a takeaway to have their business listed, Just eat take 14% of all orders placed. £5000 order placed in a month means the takeaway pay £700 a month, £8400 a year. £10000 orders placed in a month means the takeaway pays £1400, £16800 a year. In 2017 there were 172.4 million orders placed through Just Eat, so despite this cost, it is important for a take away to be on the platform. However, due to the cost, it’s better for a takeaway business to gain orders elsewhere so they get to keep 100% of the profit.

One of the easiest ways to get orders there are not placed online is door to door menu distribution. Before Just Eat door to door menu distribution was very popular however since then a lot of takeaways have stopped distributing their menus. Not everyone has the internet but everyone has a letterbox & older generations still reach for a menu rather than an app on their phone.

The average cost of menu distribution is £60 per 1000 properties. So you can have 10000 menus delivered for £600. The average Brit spends £80 a month on takeaways, you would only need 8 people out of 10,000 spending the average amount to make a profit.

One of our clients said to us “I haven’t delivered menus in a while as I believe everyone just uses just eat.” There are a number of things you can do to make sure your menu drop is effective & boosts your sales away from Just Eat.

  1. Make sure the writing on your menu is clear to read.
  2. Make any offers clear to see.
  3. Make the pictures look appetising with high quality images.
  4. Add your food hygiene rating.
  5. Use a menu which is the size you need. The bigger the menu the more distribution will cost & A3 menus can be resied to A4.
  6. Deliver your menus in the afternoon when people are planning what the family will be eating in the evening.
  7. Use a leaflet distribution company that provides GPS tracking as proof of delivery.

If someone gets your menu & they like what they see they will order from you as there’ll be no reason for them to go and look on just eat. In the age of Just Eat there is still a place for door to door menu distribution.