Why we’ve changed our domain name after 7 years

We've changed domain name to We've bitten the bullet & changed our domain name to our actual business name. We didn't take this decision lightly & have clung onto the previous url for a long time as we were concerned about losing our #1 google ranking for the main keyword related to the leaflet distribution services we offer. We've had the domain name for 7 years & it has served us well. Why did we decide to change our domain [...]

6 ways leaflet distributors annoy homeowners

6 ways leaflet distributors annoy homeowners (& scare off potential customers) The smallest details matter when it comes to a leaflet drop campaign & we find that most people we encounter when delivering leaflets believe that we work for the actual company we're representing. If you annoy a homeowner or show disrespect to their property then you will not get a good response from them no matter what the leaflet offers & so we're very careful to avoid irritating anyone. Here [...]

Magazine Publishing – Is Your Magazine Being Delivered?

Is your monthly magazine being delivered? ( as many properties as you think it is) In Lincolnshire we have a lot of local magazines. It seems as though they're always popping up. What has always stuck in our minds & prevented us from advertising with this method is that we know how much effort it takes to deliver 1000 flyers never mind 1000 magazines & so we know how many staff you'd generally need to fulfil some of the massive circulation [...]

National Leaflet Distribution Companies vs Local Companies

National Leaflet Distribution Companies vs Local Companies. We often get emails from national leaflet distribution companies, but the problem is they're never asking for quotes, they'll always give you a vague postcode which covers both terraced properties & rural villages & they'll always tell you how much they'll pay for the job per 1000. Why can't we deliver for them? As we know all of Lincolnshire well & have covered pretty much everywhere we have to say something along the lines of: "Hi, [...]