Next Level Advertising Solutions provide reliable GPS tracked leaflet distribution in Lincolnshire & (occasionally) Nottinghamshire. We also offer a wide range of in-house printing services so basically, we’re a fully fledged printing business too, but what about the people behind the business?


We are not  part of a large organisation allowing us to give a more personal experience. There are no call centers, in fact, it is Amy that will speak to.


We only use full-time adult leaflet distributors who follow a set of guidelines to make sure we’re putting out the best first impression out for your business.


We use GPS tracking, property counts & local knowledge to make sure that leaflets are delivered correctly, we’ve been carrying out leaflet drops professionally since 2012.


We are a family business that prides ourself in having a personal touch.

Getting to know you & your business allows us to offer a bespoke service that will give you exactly what you need to grow. Having a family ourselves that relies on our business, we fully understand how important it is for your printed material to give the correct message & for your leaflet drops to be successful.


Amy Askew
Amy AskewOffice Manager / Admin
Originally from Portsmouth, Amy moved to Lincoln to study at our university. Amy’s the brains behind the business, taking care of the admin, office duties & planning distribution jobs. When you call us you’ll be speaking to her. In her spare time, she runs a MLM business specialising in health & beauty.
Karl Anders
Karl AndersDirector / Explorer
Born in Lincoln, Karl started the business in 2012 & is the legs behind the business. He delivers the furthest away from our base in Lincoln & covers the tiny villages in the middle of nowhere. As a non-driver, it can be quite an interesting challenge.


In 2012 we started in business with the idea to be the first people to offer proof of delivery in the door to door advertising market locally. Karl worked for another distribution company for a year & could see many mistakes which could be avoided. He ended up getting approached by someone whilst delivering who asked if we’d deliver for their business. We seized the opportunity & took the £50 wages from Karls’ last days delivering for the other company, to buy a GPS tracker & a delivery bag. We set about letting people know about our service & gradually built up enough clients to convince us that this was worth a shot.

In our first year of business, we discovered we were due to become parents for the first time & as space was cramped & boxes were stacked to the ceiling by this point we began looking to lease a garage for storage. After about a month we (somehow) ended up with a 1200 sq ft office in the center of Lincoln, something which we never really dreamt of when we started.

We eventually built up to 10 staff members & invested in ways to help us work out costings accurately. We kept getting asked if we could supply printing too so we started a partnership with a print company to become a 1 stop print & distribution business.

3 years later, we upgraded our living situation to a larger home & realising that in-house printing would be of benefit but that we’d not be able to offer this due to the office stairs, we are in the process of moving back to being home-based & mastering the press.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this adds to the business & how we can use this to help clients in new ways.