The smallest details matter when it comes to a leaflet drop campaign & we find that most people we encounter when delivering leaflets believe that we work for the actual company we’re representing. If you annoy a homeowner or show disrespect to their property then you will not get a good response from them no matter what the leaflet offers & so we’re very careful to avoid irritating anyone.

Here are the 6 ways that a leaflet distributor can annoy a potential customer by being thoughtless when delivering leaflets.

1. Ignoring no junkmail signs.

We don’t cover properties which have no junk mail signs because while we don’t totally understand how people can get annoyed by a peice of paper, we respect the right of the homeowner to be left in peace. Also if you do post to a no junk mail house it does open you up to abuse.

2. Not pushing leaflets all the way though the letterbox.

This is a no brainer, not only can leaflets hanging out of a letterbox be an indicator that nobody is home & so be a crime prevention issue, but if a leaflet has not been pushed all the way through & it rains then the leaflet is ruined & is unlikely to be read.

3. Walking over peoples lawns or gardens.

Nothing is more sure to rile up a homeowner up than this one. You’ll soon be getting chased down the street if you walk over peoples lawns. We often see postmen doing this & wonder how they get away with it!

4. Stepping over gates or not leaving gates as they were found.

Leaving gates as they were found is important, we don’t want to let a dog out & generally leaving someones gate wide open is something that easily annoys homeowners. We always leave gates exactly as we found them whether they were initially open or closed.
5. Not saying hello to those encountered.

If we’re delivering to a property where someone is in the garden then we always say hello, it’s only polite!

6. Leaving leaflets at the bottom of a flight of stairs instead of posting through the door.

We see a lot of this from competitors in blocks of flats. If we’re covering an area which includes flats then we post the leaflets & don’t just leave a bunch at the bottom of the stairs or on the floor. We post to each letterbox as not only are leaflets dumped on a bottom floor unlikely to be read, it is also a trip hazard.

We hope you found this blog post interesting.